The ambition to achieve results



Our ambition is your ambition in designing the best solutions.

Our ambition is your ambition in designing the best solutions.

We are looking for economically optimized, sustainable, and technically excellent solutions. To reach the best results we need demanding and ambitious experts to always do more and better. It's in our DNA, which moves our growth and challenges our professionals daily.

Working at QUADRANTE Group is an opportunity for you to design your future.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Success at your reach

We know our People differentiate us and Support our Success.

We know our People differentiate us and Support our Success.

We rely on extraordinary people, with great technical ability, who we motivate to grow. That's why we encourage autonomy, with the demand of a 'fast-moving' organisation which, supported by a teamwork culture, will give you the best tools to grow.

Our career plan was designed to enable you to put your potential into practice, outlining your path based on your ambition.

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Benefits of working at QUADRANTE

Benefits of working at QUADRANTE

Our 'open doors' culture has been maintained since the start, because we know that together we create the best solutions. It's with a collaborative spirit that we proudly promote a close environment, with multidisciplinary teams, where knowledge is shared and everyone can contribute to the solution.

At QUADRANTE Group you will find:

Cooperation is a key to success

At QUADRANTE Group we ensure that your potential is put into practice, following your ambition and performance, and we invest in teamwork to guarantee the highest quality standards and best solutions, even in complex projects.

Being QUADRANTE is believing that strengthening relationships is maximising our efforts to achieve results. That's why we've created several initiatives, so that our corporate experience is more than the day-to-day work dynamic. Find out more details about the opportunities we have for you. Click on the images below to read more about each benefit:

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is QUADRANTE and what makes it different?

We are an Engineering and Architecture company to which the largest institutions and companies entrust the development of large investments and projects.

Our mission has always been simple - Designing . Delivering . Adding Value.

We promote the creation of value responsibly by searching and developing innovative solutions. During our work, we develop a passion for what we do and for the goals we achieve based on a competent and efficient performance.

We align our goals with clients' goals and work in small teams organised in clusters that show great flexibility and efficiency to respond to changes or constraints that may arise during the project.

We work closely with the client, following through on the projects, until their implementation on site.

Is QUADRANTE the right company for me?

At QUADRANTE we are always looking for new talents who want to grow with us. Our workforce is made of young teams, with an average age of 31 and with skills developed in different areas.

With offices in Porto, Lisbon, Algiers, Accra, Luanda, Maputo, São Paulo, Santiago and Lima, and with projects developed in four different continents, our employees have the opportunity to work in international environments, if they want, as competing for their personal development.

Integrated into complex projects, our Employees are able to develop early and rapidly become highly skilled, as they are exposed to all the work they develop as members of very experienced multidisciplinary teams.

The rapid learning and development, the exposure to strong networking and the degree of responsibility assigned to them allow our Employees to have a strong portfolio that can easily open doors in any other professional areas in the event of change.

What will it be like to join QUADRANTE?

Being and living QUADRANTE is to be involved in a demanding and responsible environment, but also in an informal environment that promotes collaboration and team spirit.

Support among peers is permanent, so we favour the sense of continuous mutual aid and teamwork to achieve success. Day-to-day schedules are flexible and each Employee is responsible for meeting goals and managing his/her own time, in close collaboration with the rest of the team.

At QUADRANTE we ensure that everyone will be able to develop his/her full potential. Therefore, career development depends exclusively on each Employee's ambitions, willingness and performance. With internships from Junior to Senior Partner, it will be up to each Employee to choose and develop his/her own path.

The LIVING QUADRANTE programme promotes a pleasant interaction among all the employees while fostering long-lasting and solid personal relationships, which are relevant in teamwork.