We are partners for the sustainable development of our societies, Designing Sustainable, Responsible and Long-Lasting Buildings and Infrastructure.
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry (AEC) stands at the forefront of reshaping our current development paradigm. Since QUADRANTE's establishment in 1998, we have wholeheartedly embraced our role as designers and consultants, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform ordinary structures into extraordinary landmarks.

At QUADRANTE, we hold current and future world development challenges close to our hearts. We recognise our pivotal role in guiding our clients toward better choices and building upon our responsibility to deliver responsible, resilient, and increasingly more sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure, which can leave a positive socioenvironmental legacy on our world.

We work daily to develop environmental, social, and economic good practices that foster a sustained equilibrium in the systems we engage with. We aim to design and create value through responsible actions, establishing partnerships with our stakeholders to promote sustainable, responsible, and long-lasting outcomes.

Continuously acting as true partners of change, we want to support our stakeholders in creating an environmentally responsible, socially just and inclusive, and economically sustainable world. Follow our journey bellow:

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Our Approach

Committed to Sustainability

Committed to Sustainability

Acknowledging the importance of the infrastructures and buildings we design for our clients, societies, and environment, we have defined sustainable development as one of our principles and sustainability as one of the desirable outcomes of our work.

Focused on sustainably delivering value to our clients and society in general, we have put forward our 2025 Sustainability Commitment, intending to support the transition towards increasingly more sustainable societies.

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We champion sustainable business practices that generate value for our stakeholders and society, both in the present and for generations to come. Our Sustainability Policy acts as a guiding principle, unifying all companies within the QUADRANTE Group as catalysts for sustainable development.

Our goal is to strike a harmonious equilibrium between our organisation's socioeconomic needs, our projects' ambitions, the expectations of our stakeholders, and the Earth's capacity to renew its resources. Through this, we endeavour to achieve positive and meaningful outcomes, contributing to a pure and brighter future.

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Our Services

Creating Value Sustainably

Creating Value Sustainably

Building upon the objectives of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and our Sustainability Commitment, we have focused our efforts on promoting sustainable outcomes throughout our portfolio of services, as a way to meet our planet’s and societies’ most pressing challenges. We strive for tangible progress in environmental responsibility, social impact, and long-term sustainability, thus playing our part in building a better world.

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Within the QUADRANTE Group, ECOPROGRESSO plays a vital role in enhancing SDG and ESG metrics through dedicated consulting services. As the first Portuguese company specialising in carbon management and climate change, ECOPROGRESSO has established itself as a leader in the field with a wide range of services and extensive expertise.

Through ECOPROGRESSO, we offer services related to Carbon Management, Sustainability, Climate Support Projects, Public Policies and Green Investments. We also support companies in offsetting the emissions generated by their activities through the acquisition of carbon reduction credits outside of their value chain and Be Carbonfree® certificates.

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Our Projects

Fostering Sustainable Outcomes in Our Designs

Fostering Sustainable Outcomes in Our Designs

At QUADRANTE, we acknowledge the profound responsibility we bear towards society and project stakeholders in enhancing the sustainability performance of our buildings and infrastructure, to actively design and shape a better world. We deeply understand that the infrastructure and buildings we design are our legacy to future generations and thus focus on the following topics:

Principles Our projects follow seven Sustainability Design Principles, perfectly aligned with the UN SDGs, which summarise our perspective as a passionate sponsor of sustainable development.

Practices We promote a proactive design approach to sustainable development by early addressing our projects’ sustainability potential, offering our clients various routes to optimise project outcomes.

Progress We are committed to developing new tools to support our design approach, while embracing digital transformation as a powerful instrument to foster innovation and achieve excellence in our projects.

Portfolio Through an enhanced service offering, we provide products that are increasingly in line with the UN SDGs and make a meaningful contribution to building a better world.

Products - While we ensure the optimisation and enhancement of our projects’ design upstream, downstream, we measure their contribution by identifying the portion of related revenues that contributes to our Core SDGs.

Our Operations

Promoting Sustainable Business Practices

Promoting Sustainable Business Practices

Mindful of the responsibility we bear in society, we diligently strive to optimise and amplify the environmental, social, and economic benefits derived from our operations every single day. Our resolute dedication to sustainability propels us to consistently reduce our environmental impact, elevate the well-being of our stakeholders, foster economic prosperity, advance digitalisation, and refine our corporate practices, with a focus on the following topics:

Planet - Our ecological footprint is at the forefront of our environmental efforts, driving us to create a lasting positive impact on the planet while reducing our resource consumption and resulting pollution and waste output.

People - Embracing a talent-centric vision, we prioritise the wellbeing and growth of our team members, fostering a positive work culture that supports their development.

Prosperity - We aim to enhance the welfare and sustainable growth of the communities we serve by optimising the socioeconomic benefits of our activities, with a strong focus on economic prosperity.

Progress - We embrace digitalisation to boost our operational efficiency and empower our ongoing transformation, ensuring that we make a meaningful difference in the lives of our stakeholders.

Probity - We take immense pride in upholding a culture of probity, embodying strong moral principles, integrity, and honesty while committing to corporate stewardship.

Our Performance

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

At QUADRANTE, we aim for Sustainability to be a transformative journey for all our stakeholders. As a group deeply committed to environmental and socioeconomic responsibility, we aspire to cultivate sustainable business practices guided by the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards.

In alignment with the objectives outlined in our Sustainability Commitment, we actively monitor and report our progress in both projects and operations as we work toward a more sustainable future. We designated 2021 as the inaugural year for our Sustainability Reporting and are committed to providing annual updates on the evolution of our performance.

Download our 2022 Sustainability Report Here