To partner with our clients to Create and Build Sustainable, Responsible and Long-Lasting Infrastructure for a better world.

To partner with our clients to Create and Build Sustainable, Responsible and Long-Lasting Infrastructure for a better world.

As a global consulting and design group in Engineering, Architecture, Environment, and Sustainability projects, we are aware of our role in achieving more sustainable environments that ensure a full and long-term balance in the Environment, Society, and Economy.

Focusing on the research for economically optimised, sustainable, and technically excellent solutions, our ambition is to strengthen Quadrante's response to issues related to the sustainable development and resilience of built environments.

We always walk towards balanced solutions, promoting the best practices in sustainability development towards a carbon-neutral future.

It is in this context that we have made our Commitment to Sustainability.


We will align our portfolio with the UN SDGs

We are committed to aligning our strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. We aim to improve the sustainability performance of our projects, increasing the annual revenues associated with the SDGs that most relate to our activity.



We will achieve carbon neutrality in our operations

We have developed a set of services that, in line with the Paris Agreement, allow us to collaborate with our clients in the promotion of their decarbonisation goals, taking on the commitment of leading by example:

- We will achieve carbon neutrality of our operations already in 2022, in Scopes 1 and 2 (direct emissions of greenhouse gas and indirect emissions from purchased energy, respectively);

- We intend to implement good practices and responsible procurement aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 3 (other indirect emissions generated in our value chain).

We want to design buildings and infrastructures in a more sustainable way

By ensuring that our engineers and architects follow a holistic and integral path, we will deliver more sustainable buildings and infrastructure to our clients.

We will develop and apply a new project support tool that will enable us to improve the sustainability performance of the buildings and infrastructures we design.

We will monitor and report our performance

To achieve our purpose, we aim to monitor the performance of the goals and targets we want to achieve.

The annual publication of our Sustainability Report, starting already in 2022, will be an important moment in our growth. We will report the progress of the targets we have set, ensuring that the commitment we have taken on is fulfilled, always with a mission: Designing . Delivering . Adding Value


Pure Future

Pure Future

ECOPROGRESSO is a QUADRANTE Group company that provides consulting services on Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, and Resource Management. Having been the first Portuguese company to focus its business on carbon management and climate change, it is nowadays an inevitable reference in the definition of sustainable development strategies and has an unrivaled portfolio of services, experience, and client portfolio.

It is therefore an important driving force for Quadrante Group's sustainable transformation, which shares the same mission: Creating Value in a Changing Climate contributing to a Pure Future.